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From the Ashes Book 1: After the Burn Series

In a world ravaged by the plague, women have become a new form of currency. Bartered, traded, and abused they suffer under tyranny. One woman dared to be different.

Devon Brown spent the past eight years operating under the guise of being a male. The daughter of a forest ranger, she peddled her skills as she moved from town to town.
This time her luck runs out and she’s discovered, and brought in to the leaders of the town, Cain and Cole Hart. Instead of being ejected, the attractive males, with the dangerous aura opt to keep her.
This is her story of what happened after the world burned.

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UP IN FLAMES is  the #1 Bestseller on Amazon  for Short stories

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Love is a language without words.


What people are saying about Up in Flames!

~I love the way that Shyla naturally brings into her stories characters with flaws and disabilities, there’s no fuss that hey this is a story about a person with a disability but more this person happens to have a disability, we can all learn a lot from this and from Liandra.  -  Amazon


~Short but sexy! I loved how she wrote her heroine who has a handicap in such a positive manner. Kirk is sexy & alpha; my kind of guy – Amazon



~The book takes you on a journey about finding true beauty in oneself and not letting your limitations hold you back. – Good reads

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Liandra Powers has been an outcast her entire life. Hearing impaired she’s grown a thick skin fighting against the ignorance of society. When she loses her hearing aids in the crash, she’s forced to lead on the attractive man who makes her long for things she accepted would never happen for her. The beauty of the island and Kirk’s ability to see her and not her differences fill her with hope. Until they’re rescued, and the realities of their lives rise up and began to test the foundation, they laid.






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