Colt’s Review Crew !

Do you like to read? Enjoy free books? Then join the Colt Review Crew. I’m lucky for three  readers to give honest reviews in exchange for my books. 😀  Sound easy? That’s because it is. Contact me at if your’re interested.


The Ladies of The Review Crew


I am a 42 and mother of the most precious young lady ever(if I must say so) her name is Hunter Ryain-lee and yes I got that name from a few of my favorite love novels.I have been with my Husband Norman for 23 Yrs I met him when he was stationed in Myrtle Beach SC,as he tells it he wore me down(lol) I think I let him catch me. I have 8 older sisters and 1 younger brother and yesssssss I am never bored(lol) and yes they run me crazy but I LOVE IT…… I was a Trouble Shooter for 20 yrs and daily I worked to maximize every part of your business from H/R to Local Marketing to Profit/Loss and I loved the fast pace and the people.


Tiffany G.

Chris L.

Sarah M.


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  • Sarah Lynn Murphy says:

    I’d love to join your team. I do r2rs. My email is having trouble sending out right now, but I receive just fine.

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